Misty Monday

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  1. Stunning photos–and I love how they convey what is in the eye and heart of the beholder/camera holder. Tiptoe on into the spring, Bonnie Rae.

    • Thanks, Christina. As always, it is rarely about what I’m looking for and always about what I see. And yes, tiptoe into this all new life ..

  2. Wow. I am amazed to see a Canada Goose on a nest in a tree. I thought their only activity was pooping in public parks! ha ha. These are great photos.

  3. I will bet some of your feathered friends were glad to see you again! I’m just happy you and your Nikon had a fruitful homecoming! Serenity…*

    • I like to think they missed me. I love being there for the joyful noise of morning! “I survived” they sing. Me too, I whisper … 🧡

  4. So glad you got out! So glad you have your camera back! Nesting goose in a tree? Wowza. Beaver? No words needed. I know how this outing felt.

    • Yes, my dear, I think you know exactly how it felt ♡ That goose was hysterical. Watching me, watching her … up in the old owl nesting tree. So grateful to have the camera back 📷

  5. Whoa! Thank you for sharing your walk with us!

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