Love Day List

I’m sure I will have left out dozens of things. I already see that I forgot my new camera. I do love that. It’s been a hard month and when I am struggling I try to remember the good stuff. It doesn’t negate the bad, but it helps bring perspective. Or at least balance. This was my Sunday doodle, and while it isn’t a regular thing, I love when it happens. The fact that today is “Love Day” is just a bonus.

(I have to add warm beds, a night table book, the secret language of cats (Molly, anyway) and a soft, familiar pillow. And more than anything, I love people I can count on. Thanks to all of you who show up for people in your lives. I love you, too)

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    • Thank you so much! I’ve done a few the past couple years as a way to gather my thoughts. The exercise of doing them feels very Zen …

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