Happy Superb-owl Day

8 Comments on “Happy Superb-owl Day

  1. It is time to go back to walking at the wildlife refuge! Great reminders and oh so many owls!

  2. Oh yes, completely superb. I have seen only a few owls in my life, but they are so memorable. The eyes, the camoflage, the intensity, those talons. Superb.

  3. You really have a talent, Bon… and a patience behind the lens that I could never master. I would run off 50 shots and then select the one or two that were emblematic of the day. But better shooters lay in wait for the perfect moment… I never had that patience. And they must love seeing you… they stare at you (or pose???) when they see you coming! Have an OWLISHly good day!

    • 💚 Spring is really the season for the owls. I remember some great moments last March that stick in my mind. I have learned patience from the birds, that is certain.

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