Bluebird Skies

Civil twilight came like an announcement this morning, the waning crescent moon hanging in perfect balance above the  horizon. I pull over just before Eatonville to welcome the day. The lot I pull into is familar, if not a little junky, but the morning is putting on a show and I have a front row seat. 

I’ve been noticing that my eyes aren’t what they used to be. My windshield catches all the glare and I’m squinting as I drive through Ashford. If I’m telling the truth, after my last pair of glasses broke, I dragged out an old pair and my eyes have adjusted. Well, not really. But when the crisp focus falls away you are left with a new clarity. I know, I know … bad idea, but it’s cheaper than new glasses. Waaay cheaper. 

Pulling into the lot at Paradise there are just a handful of cars ahead of me. I consider my snowshoes but ultimately decide to leave them in the car. Microspikes are possibly the best invention ever. I grab my pack and poles and I’m off. 

Bluebird skies. It feels like a reward to be here, but I know better. It’s more like grace. The slopes of the mountain are Zen gardens in the snow. Everything points to movement here, but all around is still. Bended trees, animal tracks sealed in ice on the path, the hills raked in deliberate strokes. And yet the stillness is profound.

I took my notebook up the mountain today hoping to somehow seal this deep blue sky into memory: the way it frames the mountain. The way every other color pops against it. Black slate. Red rock. Blue ice. Linen white. Evergreen. They’re all there. 

A Canada jay flew down, walked across the snow and stood a foot away just watching me. I miss my camera so much. Maybe it’s for the best that I had that glorious moment of looking into eyes of such a sweet bird. 

I still miss my camera. 

I tell myself this isn’t a day to be spoiled by thinking of greed and dismissiveness. That story is coming soon. THIS is a day to strengthen my reserves, deepen my committment and grow my appreciation. THIS is a day to remember what makes me happy. What I love. Who I am. 

And oh, I AM remembering … 

16 Comments on “Bluebird Skies

    • Haha … beautiful it is. And it’s the satisfying kind of snow. The kind that packs well and crunches as you step on it!

  1. Ahh, the joy in balance. I’ve been worried about you there. Sounds brutal on your coast right now. Your morning pics are stunning to see though. Hope there is something keeping you warm. Stay safe ❤

  2. All I can say is, Wow! We are dealing with an entirely different snow phenom today in the east, not as serene as how you make it look… thanks for giving me ‘balance’ today …*

  3. Gorgeous. The patterns in the snow do pair with sand patterns. But that fissure by the trail, oh my. I’m with Nancy, thank you for going for me too!

    • The snow looked raked, like by some divine act of nature. I really thought you’d love it. When I sat down for my hour on the ridge it was so warm I had to take my jacket off. I agree on the fissure by the bridge. Don’t look down! Thanks for joining me vicariously!

  4. So very beautiful, thanks for going for me while I snuggled in by the fire… Those slopes! So reminiscent of sand dunes, the way the wind has carved patterns, mother nature’s canvas. Bluebird skies and Zen snow gardens. Thank you.

    • So glad to have you along. It’s hard to explain what a beautiful silence there is out there. “Mountain hush” I like to call it. In this instance, I think being warm by the fire might be overrated.

  5. The civil twilight was outstanding this morning! I could see the same colors, and a slice of moon from my bedroom window. It was frosty outside today for the first time in weeks. Such beautiful designs on the cars and parts of the yard. Thanks for the tour!

    • Thanks for coming along, Keitha! Yep, this morning was frosty at the refuge and those clouds, the moon, that sky … perfection!

    • It was a pretty gorgeous day. It’s changing quickly but we got a lovely dry week! Hope you’ve got a busy year ahead. I love living vicariously through you two!

      • No big plans so far. Pedro asked me about the Enchantments and I explained about the lottery. Assuming I won’t get a lottery pass, we might try the Enchantments in the off season which I have had very good luck with, but we will have a big hike or two for sure. I’m meeting my brothers in Phoenix in March. Other than that, no specific ideas, but we are pretty good at spontaneous exploration. How about you? Anything big coming in 2022?

        • I also dream a little about the Enchantments, hoping instead to be strongvenough to do a thru-hike. I’m trying to actually do a couple hikes this summer I haven’t done and maybe a car camp up north. A friend and I hope to see some refuges in BC but I’ll be patient. The Universe may have other plans for me right now. This is my time to really Be Here Now.

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