Magical Monday

Green Valley Road on a snowy Monday

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Just received your very sweet card for the holidays and wanted to say thank you for thinking of me. 🙂 I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to 2022!

    • Good to see you here. We had a good, albeit weird, holiday but definitely trying to keep the eyes ahead and the feet moving forward. It’s almost March! Hope your plan is still on track!

    • That is exactly right. We woke up this morning with a fresh dusting over what iced overnight, so it is changing a bit, but that Subaru can go anywhere!

  2. I am loving the shapes the snow makes these cold days, how it drifts and lands and reforms. The animals and trees and barns give it context. And then it’s gone. Beautiful photos.

    • Thanks, Nancy. I do this particular drive often but in the snow, I see things I’ve never seen before. I do love the snow although it may be awhile before we get that “and then it’s gone” part!

  3. Outstanding photographs! The contrast of colors, the focus on animals, our snowy beauty all beautiful portrayed. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Ann. I went in search of birds and found a tree full of robins, lots of dark-eyed juncos and a half dozen spotted towhees. Driving alongside a stream that ran parallel to the road, I watched a kingfisher plunge from a snow covered branch into the icy water. It was a beautiful drive with no hills and few cars. I didn’t see a single raptor, but all those animals were a bonus!

    • Thanks so much ! For some reason this comment landed in my spam folder. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner ! Always so glad to see you here 💙

  4. Beautiful picture, love the animals, Is that a Highland Cow (Hielan coo)? If so I need directions to do a drive by, I love them!

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