International Mountain Day

Who knew it was really a thing? I never miss an opportunity to show off a few favorite photos of Her Majesty. She and I, we go way back … 💜

Mount Rainier, my Happy Place

12 Comments on “International Mountain Day

  1. Easy to see why this place, and the headspace it invites, is your ‘happy place.’ Especially like the photo where you are sitting on a cliff to the left of Her Majesty. This image of you and her — very iconic, Bon…*

    • Yes, I loved that day! I hiked with a friend and her young son and we got some amazing clouds and beautiful weather. Even just seeing this beauty makes me happy 💙

  2. These are such perfect photos! You and the mountain really do go way back. I’ve only been to Mt. Rainier once, way back in the late 1960s. I really need to go again!

    • Yes, Pam. You really do! I remember a few trips as a child and then some as a reckless teen, but my most recent memories are the best. Let’s go this summer!

    • Thank you. Isn’t that something about family photos? We have a lot of photos like that. And most of the over-the-shoulder-enormous video camera shots don’t include my Dad.

    • I’m standing at my Dad’s elbow with, what I’m guessing, is a cherry Otter-Pop in hand. Happy Place indeed!

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