Oh, What a Day

For a day that was filled with hard things this was a really, really beautiful example of universal balance. Never doubt the power of the natural world or your place in it. 

Juanita Bay Park
Juanita Bay Beach Park


( Not just a palindrome but an ambigram … which means you can read the date left to right, right to left and also upside down! )

I went in search of this Mandarin duck, a pretty famous guy down at Juanita Beach Park. He’s a bit of a celebrity and I had about twenty glorious minutes with him. The rest of the birds must be a bit envious of the attention, but they are all pretty special. I must have walked 10 miles.

Bonus !

11 Comments on “Oh, What a Day

    • Thanks so much, Lisa. Here’s the trick: I let this beautiful place and these beautiful creatures do all the real work. I just try to be an attentive witness. Always glad to see your name pop up here 😊

  1. What a gorgeous duck! I can why people would travel a long way to see him. If only he would have been there when my daughter lived close to the park…

    • Ahh, so you know the place ! Before I spotted him I was talking with a few people out walking who mentioned how they took for granted his presence. Like it wasn’t special after the first time. I can’t imagine ever feeling that way. He’s really amazing. I only feel bad that I haven’t spotted a mate for him. Though he hangs out with the wood ducks, he must be lonely.

    • I feel that way every single day. This guy is definitely a celebrity up here and I’m very, very lucky for my 20 minute private photo shoot.

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