Feathered and (un)Feathered Friday

My morning walk at Nisqually

Black-tail deer
Butt shot
Coyote pup
Coyote pup
Orange-crowned warbler
Orange-crowned warbler
Downey woodpecker
Downy woodpecker
Fox sparrow
Song sparrow
Golden-crowned kinglet
Golden-crowned kinglet

11 Comments on “Feathered and (un)Feathered Friday

    • Thank you ! This particular coyote is pretty young and very healthy. I’ve been watching them forage for pears in an orchard and they are delightful subjects.

    • It has been pretty busy, yes, but there’s a lot of room so it never really feels crowded. Early is obviously better (gate opens automatically at 6:45 am). By noon, it’s pretty full in both parking lots. Rainy days are crappy for photography, but great for solitude !

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