Happy Anniversary

I think this is my second longest relationship ever ❀

Thanks to all my loyal followers, occasional visitors and new guests. I appreciate every single one of you !

And now, my morning walk … πŸ’š

12 Comments on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I plan to be out and about tomorrow morning on a walk. I still haven’t finished unpacking all of the boxes since I moved, but they can wait. Fall is my favorite time to spend time outside.

    • Yes, I love Fall too. And I have lots to get through in the garage box-wise. I have time for that later. I’ll take my last bits of sunshine now !

  2. Happy anniversary! I’ve so enjoyed being along with you on the ride! My 4 year anniversary just passed too. It’s not always an agreeable relationship, but very satisfying in the end! πŸ™‚ That seal is amazing!!

    • Thanks so much for being here. I know about that disagreeable relationship but I think it saves me over and over. I recently started meeting a writing friend once a month for a walk and talk at Nisqually. Good for the spirit, good for the page.Β 

    • Thanks for being such great inspiration πŸ’™ Yes, that seal with the salmon was a surprising moment. My favorite thing about getting outside, you never know what you’ll see.

  3. Happy anniversary, Bonnie Rae! May you and your blog have so many more. <3

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