Flora Fauna Feathers Frogs Fungus Friends Fall Furry Friday !

My friends Dave and Joe
My friend Patrick
Gettin’ froggy
Gettin’ froggy
Geeat Blue Heron
Bird butt- sparrow
Juvenile snow goose
The webs we weave ..
Meadowlark .. I love this bird 💛
Common yellow-leg and widgeons
American crow
A good team
Why did the heron cross the road ?

10 Comments on “Flora Fauna Feathers Frogs Fungus Friends Fall Furry Friday !

  1. Loved the title of this post! Similar pictures were used in a lesson on letters of the alphabet when I taught first grade. Similar pictures, but not with your unique eye for all things in nature. You need to create books for kids with ideas like this. Children need to grow up exploring the wonders of nature.

    • These critters would be lovely subjects for a kids book. I’m thinking of creating “bingo cards” with the images to hand out at Nisqually.

  2. Love these! The heron on the road is something else!! And the web! And the meadowlarks! …
    Do you have to use a tripod to get these? Your focus is so sharp!

    • Thank you ! I was following that heron as he passed perfectly in front of me. Moments later a coyote appeared well beyond him in the brush ! My camera, by most standards, is fairly light so I haven’t needed a tripod. Yet ..

  3. Beautiful photos with unusual compositions. Would you remind us what camera gear you’re using to capture these gems? Thanks.

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