Dead Horse Creek Trail and Beyond

A photo log of my morning walk.

Melancholy skies
Sorry Yoda
Canada Jay
The path ahead
My heart lives here
Signs of a waning summer
Near Glacier Vista
Toward the line of the sky
Dusky (Blue) Grouse
This one needs a caption
Curly Larry and Moe
Blues Brothers
Paradise meadow
My secret place
Stevens Canyon
Pearl 💙

11 Comments on “Dead Horse Creek Trail and Beyond

    • Thank you so much for being here. It was a very good day, but then, aren’t they all ? No bad days at the mountain.

    • Oh, I was sooo lucky ! I was actually shooting the pair up on that rock when the third guy squeezed in between them ! I think I took 50 shots. Pretty healthy looking marmots too.

  1. I’m used to your jaw dropping photos, but that trio at the top stopped me in my tracks. Are you entering your photos for prizes anywhere? And how did you get them to pose – are you also a witch? Sure do love following you virtually! Thank you.

    • Haha … I’ve been called a lot of things but that’s a first. I owe it all to my attentiveness. And being in the right place at the right time doesn’t hurt one bit. Thanks, Nancy. That particular photo has created so much buzz I may just get off my duff and set up a store !

      • Be sure to use that jelly fish featured in the magazine that led me to search you out! Jaw dropping that one is too! So many.. a book? Big thanks for the joy you bring us!

  2. Amazing photos! We saw lots of marmots last week at Paradise but your trio and duos are amazing! A magical time to visit Her Majesty.

    Hey-what is Pearl? She looks a tad like our Pearl blue Subaru!

    Thank you for posting.

    • Yes, Pearl is MY blue Subaru. I just hit 50,000 miles and I’ve had her just over two years. Best adventure partner ever ! Thanks for the kind words, yes, Paradise is gorgeous right now and that trio was probably a once in a lifetime shot ! Thanks for writing.

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