(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday I spent time shifting my hiking gear from summer to winter. Cooling towels and sun hat tucked away, wool hats and waterproof gloves moved to the bin in the back of the car. I have chains for winter in MRNP (they don’t require you use them, just that you have them) and microspikes and snowshoes !

Fall is in full splendor and winter awaits … I’ll hit the trail Friday. I’m ready ! This morning was a lovely walk at Nisqually with a good friend.

Happy Wednesday !

8 Comments on “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow-wonderful photos I so enjoy! Thanks for sharing your talent!

    • Thanks for stopping by ! Yeah, those waxwings are gorgeous and the morning was surprising in how colorful it was. Geez, I love fall 💚

    • It’s a bushtit. In certain light the feathers are almost blue/grey … and really fluffy. I think these are juveniles. As for winter hiking, I worry that an idle winter might make me not want (or be able to) get moving in spring. I suppose over the years we all figure out what best suits us. Cheers to all that feeds the soul !

    • Aren’t those feathers gorgeous ? They are the tail feathers of a Cedar Waxwing (which have recently returned en masse to Nisqually). And does my car stay that way ? Hahahaha … no, not for long 🙄 Nisqually is ready when you are !

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