Wordless Wednesday

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  1. I just love him so much. Love you guys too and with you all in spirit. ✨

  2. I still dont have words that will change the way the next precious hours will unfold… all you can do is what you are doing … he has been your spirit, and he is letting you know he’s ready. Sending strength for what comes next. My heart is with you…* 💔

    • Thank you, Deb. We have made his world as small, cozy and accessible as we can. Comfort is key. I just love him so much 💔

  3. There’s no real way to respond to this post. I feel your grief now and know how it will grow. Gus is a life well lived. A life well loved. There’s so much positive energy in that big, white ball of fur. I know in my short time with him he worked his way into my heart. 💜
    As happy as he can be for as long as he can be. That’s my course with Wyatt.

    Love you all and sending WhiteLight*

    • Isn’t that so true ? What can any of us really say ? He has given me so much in his 15 years with us. How he ever made it here to us is a miracle in itself. The vet is coming here Friday. These next hours are our long goodbye. I love him so much 💔 Thanks for your words 🙏

  4. Oh Gus. Like my Maggie (who was also white, but with calico spots), best cat ever. I will forever miss her, as you will Gus. Spirit animals indeed. 💜

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