Spray Park/Seattle Park

My day in photos … the snow is gone, the flowers are out and the skeeters are ferocious. Yep, it’s July at the mountain.

14 Comments on “Spray Park/Seattle Park

  1. Love! Spray Park is on my repeat list this year. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there. Sadly, my trip east means I will probably miss prime flowers. I have already seen a lot though, can’t complain to much! Thank you for sharing your view through the glass.

    • I will return also … sans the zillions of bugs. It’s gorgeous in the fall before the first snow, too. A different look at the mountain is always so wonderful.

    • Thanks, Mare. It actually felt a bit like that. Well, it always feels like one part dream one part fairy tale ❤

  2. Wow, Bonnie! These are some of your best. Composition so good. What was the background of the butterfly photos and a couple others that are so black? My favorite is the 10th photo with the white bulbs and blue background. It is subtle, peaceful and that composition of 1/3’s is just perfect. It is so much pleasure in watching a friend develop a talent. Keep the faith.

    • Thank you so much ! The appreciation for what I’m trying to do with my photos is so very gratifying. I give the light of the sun all the credit on the butterfly shots. I lowered the exposure and rather than a blur, the background went black. It looks staged, I know, but it was just past the bridge leaving the park and the forest behind this bear grass was catching all the light. Thanks for your words ♡

  3. Mt Rainier is one my my favorite places in the world ❤️

    • Me too ! The lack of wildlife on this hike (unless you count the ferocious mosquitos) was s bit unnerving, but there are no bad days at this beautiful mountain. Thanks for writing.

  4. The last picture made me glad that your balance in better than mine. Holy cow! What a dynamic picture.

    • There are several crossings like this and I couldn’t resist the photo. They aren’t really dangerous but I can see where looking down too long might make one a bit anxious. Thanks for reading !

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