What I Fell In Love With Today

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    • Thanks, Karen ! I have had a couple really amazing encounters down at Nisqually. Attention is its own reward.

    • They really do. The young one was very aware of the presence of people and the swivel of her neck was adorable.

  1. This would make my year, probably many years! That baby looks like a cattail that’s busting open, these are so wonderful!!,

    • It was just the best. We had a general location and after that it is all luck and attentiveness ! It was a lifer for me to see the young one !

  2. What a wonderful encounter with the owls! They are more than adorable. Your pictures are wonderful and I can’t wait to ‘meet the owls’.

    • I hope soon, Keitha ! The little one is adorbs. They were in a surprising place. I’ll show you when I see you !

  3. I was over the moon ! I think I captured Mom, Dad and little one 💚 So cool to see them in the wild !

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