A Fabulous Friday

Billy Frank Jr Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

First we saw this little guy
Then noticed this guy
Hmmmm … very interesting
Is that breakfast ?
Where did he go ?
Oh no. Company.
Cedar waxwing mating ritual
Passing of the berry
Black-headed grosbeak
Black-headed grosbeak
Nisqually NWR

22 Comments on “A Fabulous Friday

  1. Correction on my earlier comment: nice photos of the marten (not fisher). I’m blaming my mistake on the rum and coke I drank before posting. 😀

    • Hahaha … yeah, rum has a way of doing that, aay ? I didn’t know what a fisher was, so I’m glad for the “cocktail effect”.

  2. More great photos of the fisher! Wow! Love the cedar waxwings too – one of my favorites. The small mammal looks like some kind of vole.

    • Yes, a vole ! The waxwings have come back by the dozens. Someday I’ll see a cardinal, but until then, I have these handsome creatures !

  3. Your photos are wonderful. What fabulous captures. I’ve loved the cedar waxwing for a long time, but did not know about this mating ritual, and how lucky you are for being there for the berry-passing. <3 I didn't realize how yellow the chest of a weasel can be.

    • Thanks so much ! Yes, that is the sweetest ritual ever. By simply showing up and paying attention I get to witness the most amazing things.

  4. Better and better. I love the ‘serenity’ photo.

  5. The most entertaining part of the whole morning was coming towards the parking lot and looking at the ‘birders’ or should I say ‘weaslers’ at the end of the road. Who knew that a small group of rodents would be able to draw so much attention from the humans? It was priceless!

    The picture of the Cedar Waxwings passing the berry for their mating ritual was a gift!

    • It was a wonderful morning. A little like our “owl day” in that it won’t likely be repeated. Grateful, as always, for my good fortune.

    • Thank you ! I gotta say that this place never disappoints. Every day I show up, no expectations and a lot of wonder. I’ve fallen in love with those waxwings too . And those weasels … swoon ♡

      • Weasels get a bad rap – to weasel your way into something, they had a weasely face – but theyr’e as cute as a puppy!

        • They are both clever and ferocious. Something about that combination makes me think they also are survivors. (And cute, of course …)

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