Wordless (Breathless) Wednesday

An early first bear sighting !
Early moon shot
Steven’s Canyon Road
Box Canyon
Box Canyon
Wonderland Trail to Box Canyon
Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier
Women in Charge
Through the waterfall
Steven’s Canyon
On the drive …
Spooner Spoils in Orting

8 Comments on “Wordless (Breathless) Wednesday

  1. I love the view from the Wonderland Trail and the blue blue of the glaciers on Mt. Rainier. You have some stunners here, and it’s always exciting to see a bear. 🙂

    • That bear ! 🧡 I usually have a sighting each summer but rarely this esrly. It might just be a very serendipitous year at the mountain ! Someday I’ll try the Wonderland Trail !

    • Oh, thank you ! The spray, the light, the road, the day, this life … some things are just so clearly wonderful ☆

  2. Great idea to stay in your car when you don’t know where the mama bear might be. Another perfect day on Mount Rainier. Wonderful pictures and scenes that are rarely photographed by others. Thanks for the virtual tour.

    • Yes, he was by the side of the road, probably 10 feet away. Beautiful creature. Thanks for coming along !

  3. breathless is right! so many beautiful shots. Was that a bear baby or mama? I would have been a bit nervous!
    What are the women in charge of?

    • Thank you. Baby bear, well, toddler. Didn’t see Mama, but also never left my car. He was after something by a small waterfall. I snapped a pic and honked to try to move him along. I took that photo of the woman not knowing what was happening. Looked like she was training a group of men though. I’m going with that version 😊

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