Wordless Wednesday

Billy Frank Jr Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Goldfinch: B-side
Cinnamon teal
Cinnamon teal
Hermit thrush
Northern Flicker
Fox sparrow
Cedar waxwing
Mallard teens
Swallows in the nest
What’s that again ?
Sea stuff
Apologies for the fuzzy picture. He was a long way away. This is a Wilson’s phalarope. A “lifer” for me !

10 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I wonder if there is an app for recording birdsong and having the app identify the bird by its song? I would get that app!

    Once again, great shots, Bon. Blending the patience of Job with a diligent trigger finger and you are getting some awesome images!

    • Oh, I’m sure there are ! I usually listen, take a photo and go to my birding apps/pages after. I’ve learned so much ! Thanks again for the kind words ❤

    • Thanks ! I have one correction to make: a man I know from my walks at Nisqually correctly identified the Swainson’s thrush (the one I identify as a hermit thrush) . Honestly, the differences in these LBB’s is so subtle I can never tell. Cheers to learning !

  2. It’s like they pose for you! Congrats on the new lifer!

    • Thanks Deb, I was so excited. He was out there pretty far, but … a lifer is a lifer ! (They do kinda pose, don’t they 😊)

  3. Your photos are so crisp. Stunning. Were they like that before you learned how to use it? I keep wondering how much of my inability is only using the auto setting and how much is my camera and it wouldn’t matter if I did know how to use it.

    • Thanks. Your photos are just beautiful. That said, I totally get the sharpness factor. Next time I see you, I’ll show you a couple things I learned on my camera that you can try on yours. Of course a lot of it is just … you know, waiting for the perfect moment. 

    • Thanks, Stacy ! I saw your little frog today … I like them almost as much ! Thanks for writing.

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