Wordless Wednesday

Weasel at Nisqually
Weasel at Nisqually
Labyrinth at The Whidbey Institute
Home for a few days in Freeland
Home for a few days in Freeland
Mary Oliver to begin the day
Black licorice ice cream for the win !
Organizing my many thoughts
Sunset from the back deck
Earth Sanctuary Whidbey Island
Earth Sanctuary Whidbey Island
Goldfinch at Nisqually

15 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great photos of the critter! I’m pretty sure that’s a marten. They are not seen very often. I’ve only seen one twice in my life. Good spotting!

    • You might just be right. I have an email in to the Dept of Wildlife. I don’t think we see many martens up here but the coloring is certainly right. I’ll let you know what I hear. Pretty cute whatever we call her ❤

      • I used to work for WA Dept of Wildlife way back when they were called the Dept of Game. 🙂

        • I love this. Marten it is then ! You just became my new authority on all things wildlife ! Do you think she’s got a mouthful of baby or prey ?

        • I’m not really an authority, but thanks! Not sure what’s in its mouth.

  2. So much fun! Who knew that a weasel could be so adorable? That weasel has taken a liking to the photographer. Great pictures! There is so much of Whidbey to explore. Remind me to tell you about a special trip to see a doctor on the island.

    • I’m not sure who this is, but yes, do tell ! I love a good story 💚 And I agree about how much there is to explore. So. Much.

    • Oh yes, a happy discovery. Blissful and peaceful and colorful. Is there anything better ? Thanks for stopping by ♡

  3. You went back right away! Wonderful. I didn’t know weasels could look so cuddly, I thought they were, well, weasel-y. Looks like you have chosen a good time and place.

    • It’s a blissful, peaceful sanctuary ! And yes, that weasel is pretty adorable. A Nisqually favorite !

    • Yes, always for sure. Observe and write about it. Or just bear witness. Of equal importance, methinks *

  4. Love! That second shot of the weasel is the most adorable EVER! The ever-changing date on the SAS box: sad. (On the other hand, you still have it to look forward to!) Licorice ice cream: maybe I would like it better than liver ice cream, but a close call. I do love that deck and table. Enjoy the rest of your time!

    • Yep, that little creature is pretty special. I’m looking forward to SAS even more now that I’ve experienced some of the energy (and synergy) of the island and it’s places and people. The ice cream is surprisingly smooth and subtle. A favorite !

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