Feathered Friday (and a nod from The Universe)

Some days are just a series of moments that slip away without much notice. Some days seem to be metaphors for other things, and linger. In the morning, I often wake up with a question in my mind that had been planted overnight. 

This morning it was about the rightness of the path I am on … The Universe answered. 

I failed in my attempt to find a local bird spot this morning so I decided to hang in there and try somewhere else. A small fishing hole in the Kent Valley seemed promising. A place conjured on only memory. It was still there. 

I parked and wandered to the small pond. I watched a Mallard momma with her ducklings but little else caught my eye. I decided to wait it out. Not give up. I sat on the bench and heard a commotion under the tree. Two gorgeous male wood ducks, perched on a log, in almost clear view. 

Ahhh, some value in not giving up. A reward for my patience. I scanned the pond one last time, and whoosh !! Into a tree across the pond, flew what looked like a small heron ! It came closer, and it was indeed a heron. A green heron ! A “lifer” for me, and in perfect pose. 

Maybe not everything is a metaphor, but today feels really clearly like confirmation of my place on this path and affirmation that I’m going the right direction. There is something deeply important about staying the course. 

I know that sometimes the message comes that says it’s time to leave. As Mary Chapin Carpenter says ” The wrong things aren’t supposed to last”.  But for me, today is all the positive reinforcement I needed. Thank you, Universe. I knew you were listening … ♡

7 Comments on “Feathered Friday (and a nod from The Universe)

    • Thanks, Gretchen. As a fellow wanderer I think we’ve learned that attentiveness is a practice. And that the rewards for that can be immeasurable. Thanks for noticing.

  1. There is no better affirmation of the courses to follow than the quiet, often unbelievable, beauty of nature. Your next trip will take you to yet another such place to enjoy.

  2. The images are gorgeous! Life is just like that. It teaches you lessons even in what seems like insignificant moments. 🙂

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