For two nights in a row I have had dreams of losing my camera. Rather than assume it is just a coincidence, I have been down the rabbit-hole this morning looking for some deeper meaning in the interpretation. 

Sleep is this miraculous thing. It is the human version of torpor, a deep sleep-like state where a being is physically inactive. Rather than the mental activity slowing though, it seems to amp up. It is possible to dream deeply all night long and still wake refreshed. That’s the miracle. 

What happens beneath the eyelids is a deeply personal experience. You may see many others in snippets but you are alone in every other meaningful way. Dreams are full of messages from our sub-conscious and loaded with metaphor and symbolism. 

To dream of losing something is often interpreted to be an insecurity in what the lost thing symbolizes in your own life. It can also symbolize lost relationships or lost opportunities. 

Dreaming of the same thing twice in as many days seems to put an excalamation point on the interpretation. It symbolizes something in your life you’ve not acknowledged that is causing stress and the dream repeats because you have not corrected the problem. Fascinating. 

The camera thing, both times, was about my own recklessness. Putting it down and going back to retrieve it, finding it had vanished. Were the people in my dream part of the symbolism ? Is there some weird mish-mash of trust and loss ? Sigh. 

Something to ponder on my morning walk. Am I missing something by carrying a camera ? Am I missing an opportunity to do something important ? What would happen if I DID lose it ? Such is the life of this part-time insomniac, full-time dreamer, sometimes investigator. 

Do you dream ? Do you remember ?

5 Comments on “Dreamscape

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  2. Interesting, because I was wondering (not for the first time) on my hike this week if I should try leaving my camera at home. How would that change the experience? Am I addicted to it? Can I not see without it? Or do I see better with it? You are every person in your dream, they say; how does thinking of it that way change your interpretation? As heartsleeve says, the camera too, is an extension of you. Interesting stuff. And that blue heart! What the heck?!

    • Very interesting questions ! As a storyteller, I am conflicted. Do visual aids add value or are they a distraction when I share my personal observations ? I always try to write first and add photos later but I still need to learn to better edit myself. I still love your challenge idea of only taking 36 frames, as if it were a roll of film. Interesting observations and question about the dreams too. So much to ponder on my walk today ! Thank you !

  3. The camera… It is an extension of who you are, now. It is as much a part of who you are now as your arm, your hand, your heart, or your eye. There certainly is fear of loss in this dream, but… loss of what…? Only you can know…*

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