Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday)


(There were several snakes we observed just off the path. First one, then three, then half a dozen or more. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bunch like this in one place. The link above helps explain what might have been happening. I didn’t really explore too much (not a snake person) but I’m guessing there were many more.)

First “Wake Robin” of the season. More commonly known as trillium. A true harbinger of spring.
Lower Lena Lake

14 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday)

    • I wondered if you’d be inspired ! This is such a great hike to gauge fitness and adjust the backpack. Hope you make it out soon ! Spring is springing !

  1. Looks like you had a spectacular day! And thanks for the info on snake-mating rituals! Always come away w something new! Awesome!

    • Oh, it was so wonderful. If I had been more mindful and less creeped out by all the snakes I would have taken a video. I keep forgetting I can do that with this Nikon. Thanks for being here *

  2. Gorgeous! Guess I need to get up into Washington more. Ah, the snake we saw yesterday on Sauvie Island WAS a tiny garter snake. I tried to reassure the nervous nine year old but she would have none of it. The first trillium is a thrill – I must go looking.

    • I rarely see snakes and this was such an interesting encounter. I’m looking forward to flowers in the Gorge. That first trillium makes my heart do a little skip and makes me keenly aware of what lies ahead. Saddle Mountain is also on my radar as a rite of spring ! Bring it on, 2021 !

  3. Lovely pictures! It was a beautiful day. My body and mind are ready for more hikes with you. ❤️

    • I feel like I have such a kindred spirit in you. You experience these places the way I do … at the pace of nature. Thanks for joining me. Looking forward to summer ! We’re ready 💚

  4. Gorgeous shots! Thank you for sharing pics and link! Who knew?

    • Right ?? One of the best parts of my adventures these days is coming home and learning more about what I see. Thanks for writing !

    • Yes ! Exciting day for sure. I looked them up the other night and saw the ” Wake Robin” nickname. It was coined because the trillium often appear even before the robins begin building their nests. Oh, world … how I love you 💚

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