Wordless Wednesday

10 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I seen me some. And then either I left or they left; we all leave.

  2. My favorite of all the avian population, the Great Blue Heron. Heroic captures, my Dear! You did this regal creature justice! β€œJust” SPECTACULAR!

    • Thanks, Mare. This heron had been sitting for at least two hours, quietly watching and waiting. I ran into a couple friends and as we were talking, the heron became quite animated and we got some cool shots. They are an odd lot, but I love them so ❀

    • Thank you ! I just adore these crazy birds. The thing I love most about Nisqually is how accessible it is. This heron was perched on this log, just 15 yards (or less) off of the boardwalk. He was there for three hours !

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