Sunday Musing

There are some things I will never quite see the same as I once did. There are others (which I will share soon) that I will never again take for granted. We have changed. Anything I forgot on this list ?

6 Comments on “Sunday Musing

  1. yes yes and yes. Public restrooms and light switches. Hugs. Kisses. Hotel rooms. Counter tops. Mail. Package deliveries. I look forward to my blind unthinking ways again.

    • Light switches, ugh, yes. I’m not sure we ever really go back to “what was” entirely and I’m good with that. I just don’t ever want to take the really important things for granted. 

  2. Bon – one of your best. (sorry ducks and birds)
    Gretchen – I was so ahead of the times with my high maintenance! I keep a pair of gardening gloves in the car specifically for when I get gas. I also have a stylus, only now I’m going to keep it a Ziploc bag in my purse (new from HubBub BTW) for signing communal POS devices. Will just have to use a Kleenex with a little bit of hand sanitizer to deal with the stylus tip afterwards.

    • Thanks, Kel. The stylus is a great idea ! And no one who knows you would ever argue your high- maintenance efficiencies 🤣❤

  3. So crazy. Gasoline nozzles, ATMs, the pen on the credit card pin pad (in those stores that still require signing), shopping carts. I think about those every single time. Especially the pen.

    • Omg, yes, gas nozzles. And pens. Mailbox door handles. Actually anything with a handle. I’m not ‘afraid’ of all these things but my choices are forever altered as to how I will engage in the future.  

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