Thankful Thursday

Sharing photos from a very full past few days. I can feel the spring thaw in the air and maybe a little bit in my bones. One day of blue sky and fresh air can renew a certain hopefulness. Yesterday, as I stared across the water I imagined seeing Saddle Mountain and further imagined a spring hike.

(Last year, I made the trip just before the world slammed her doors. I was joined on the trail by a nice man who stayed with me as if protecting me from the terrible fate of solitude. This year I know better than to say yes when I mean no. Life has a different urgency and it’s too short not to extract the last bit of joy from every moment.)

Here are a few from my last couple of days. The Long Beach peninsula in Washington is gorgeous !

6 Comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Thanks so much, Keitha. I’ve been remembering what I was doing last year … a few good hikes before everything shut down. It’s been a beautiful couple days and it feels so hopeful !The daffodils are everywhere. I love it ! The peninsula was great !

  2. I see that I misspelled the word ‘Dostadning’ the other day in my reply. Oh well!

    Today I want to tell you how much the pictures meant for a gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest. I spent time visiting my brother and sister-in-law last fall, but the weather was not the same. Today’s sunshine and daffodils starting to bloom in the garden do mean that spring is on its way.

    Today’s walk in the NWR was beautiful. It would be nice to spot ‘your’ Shrike, but it didn’t happen today. The air is warmer, the sunshine welcome, and spending a day in nature restores your faith in humanity. Thanks for continuing to post amazing pictures of the beauty in our state.

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