Wordless Wednesday: Part One

Raccoon eyes
Muskrat ! If you’re singing Muskrat Love now, you’re welcome !

Crow feet, for real ..
Great Blue Heron
Great-horned Owl
Estuary boardwalk
Juvenile Greater Yellowleg with an impressive spin move …
Northern Shoveler
Bewicks wren, pronounced “Buick’s”
March 2nd 1899 was the birth of the nation’s 5th National Park at Mount Rainier. My happy place for sure. Is it summer yet ?

(I’m heading out for the day and will return with a Wordless Part Two.)

4 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Part One

  1. Bon ~

    Looks like the little Juvenile Greater Yellowleg is nest-building, knowing that nesting season, and Spring, are just around the corner! Great capture!

    (add my LIKE, since WP still refuses to play ball with me.)

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