Wordy Wednesday and a Photo Challenge !

Here is the photo I chose for my photo challenge today :  

Interpret the subject Love. No kids, pets, parents or partners. Go deeper … (Vision Quest cards)

This is love to me. Love is attention. There are hundreds of ways, big and small, every day that we can give this simple gift.

Sometimes love is cooking a meal, or giving a “like” or sending a message out of the blue that says “I’m thinking of you and wanted you to know”. 

Sometimes it’s doing the laundry or putting out the trash or washing the dishes. Sometimes it’s a quiet walk or a look or a nod. There are times it comes as a surprise. Other times, it is the one thing we always we do that others can count on. 

And sometimes … love is a letter. Maybe a LOT of letters.

(Or maybe a letter is always love)

More love below …

(Here is Monday’s post. I’d love to hear what you thought.


2 Comments on “Wordy Wednesday and a Photo Challenge !

  1. I recently came across a full bin from the “postcard x” days. Oh my, we were all quite prolific back then.

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