Wordy Wednesday

I’ve been writing furiously the past few days. Scrawled notes in my little little softcover notebook, pages and pages in my journal and (often undecipherable) taps to myself on my smartphone. A picture comes to mind of a cup, quite literally, running over it’s narrow rim. 

Yesterday was wildly unproductive in the “crossing things off a list” regard. Having indulged in my own private “thought circus”  I found myself heading down the rabbit hole … again.

(I’ll tackle the list today with a little more resolve. It writes itself as I navigate through the house.: a tub to scrub, laundry to do, a package to prepare, dust bunnies …)

Then I’ll take a few moments to listen to the quiet murmur of my heart and I will step into the day.  Soft. Steady. Beats. I will bring my silence to the cacophony of noise that is the world these days, and allow space for my real work to come through.  

You know I'd love to hear from you !

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