Wordless Wednesday

Like a gift of the season.

Nothing better than old friends β™‘

Cathy and I at Nisqually this morning. Serendipitous πŸ’š
Winter sunrise morning
One of the twin barns as the sky turned blue
Great Blue Heron with something to say
Robins get no respect for being such beautiful birds
My elusive little Wren β™‘
Winter mornings πŸ’š
Frozen in time
Hips and drops
Juvenile snow goose
Bird photography in a nutshell

8 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Karen, thank you so much for writing ! We love Port Townsend. You have chosen a beautiful place to call home. Thank you for the kind words ❀ Even in these crazy times it is such a beautiful world !


  2. We (husband and 2 dogs) just moved to Port Townsend early this summer and I’m beyond grateful for the amazing beauty in this place! Your photos take my breath away and lift my soul! Thank you for sharing!!!!

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  3. You get out and about so well. Impressive. I’m such a homebody in the winter. Housebound without regret. I’m going to try to get into the muddy woods today, but the sun just now came out and there’s bread in the oven for the next 51 minutes and then it will be getting dark. And I want a nap. And…

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    • May we always be so lovingly engaged with our worlds. Baking and naps rank right up there with walks outside. It’s a pretty good life, huh ? (Cookies looked great !)


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