The smoky haze has begun to clear. While I’m grateful, I know many have lost much and my personal prayer wheel is still spinning. To be able to see clearly what lies ahead is a nice thought, but can we ever really see beyond this very moment ?

This week has been full of lessons. I suppose the first lesson has been about moving forward without the certainty of what lies just ahead. I was surprised this week by a creature I never imagined seeing and, for me, the symbolism was great. It was not so much ‘what’ it was, but rather, ‘that’ it was. Had either of us seen the other coming we never would have shared those startling few moments.

Have faith in the moments as they unfold.

This morning another lesson was made clear, this time by a heron. I’ve been fascinated with them for months. 

I have stood quietly watching as long as thirty minutes as they wait silently for their prey to come within reach. They stand motionless, save an occasional tilt of the head or slow step forward. And they wait. They trust where they are. They are true to the path. They aren’t anxious or impatient.

I can’t say I don’t feel bad for the fish, because I do. But I understand the cycle of life we are a part of. I am beginning to understand what has been asked of me. This morning’s reminders were like a sweet little song.

Have faith as the moment unfolds.
Trust the path you are on.
Be patient.

Hallelujah for clearing skies, a fertile mind and a cleansing rain.

6 Comments on “Transformation

  1. This is beyond amazing. The photos. The patience. The words. The lessons. The art. I am in complete awe. Of you. Of nature. Of the cycle of life.

    • I used to think it was such a cliche’ to say we could learn from nature, but when I began to give myself to these places so much became so clear. Thanks for the kind words. And for noticing ♡

  2. What wonderful messages of being patient with the present moment and grateful for what shows up. Beautiful images and reflections! Thank you for sharing. Jude

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