Wordless (Speechless) Wednesday

Stunning little corner of the world. Mt Baker Wilderness and the Skyline Divide Trail. Took my breath away. Literally. Terrible drive to get to the trailhead but oh-so worth it !

(Sorry for all the Wordless Wednesday words)

8 Comments on “Wordless (Speechless) Wednesday

    • Me too !! Suddenly it rose to the top of my “must do every year” list. Wowza. Loved every last step. Thanks for the encouragement.

  1. Breathtaking. You must have a way with animals so that you can get so near and not bolt away.

    • I would love if that were true ! In reality, I owe it all to my P950 zoom 😉 The deer here were a long way away. Close enough to notice me, but not close enough to see me as a threat. Thanks for stopping by !

    • Thanks, Mare. Very different landscape and those flowers … stunning !! I already want to do this one again, but that 3.5 + hour drive (each way!) was long. Perfect opportunity to finish Dutch House. Loved it !

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