Wordless Wednesday


6 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. So regal and beautiful. We call our local Great Blues that live on our Umatilla River, the Kings of the River. Lately, they’ve been defending their territory from some visiting American White Pelicans. It creates quite the noise and commotion!

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    • Oops! The above about the Umatilla shouldn’t be “anonymous”, it was by Jennie Wolfe. 🙂

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      • As soon as I saw Umatilla I suspected it was you 😊 The most interesting thing about these photos is that it is of just one heron over the course of one hour. He moved from water to tree to another tree. Fascinating to watch. This is in a marshy area away from the wide open delta. I’ve only seen one heron back there and he’s pretty reliably out fishing/hunting in the morning hours.


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