Sunrise Sunday

I took this photo in September of last year at Sunrise, Mount Rainier. It was another morning of going on faith. It wasn’t until I made that last curve on Sunrise Road that the sky seemed to throw it’s doors open from above the clouds. I took these in the morning with only a handful of others joining me in the civil twilight. Sigh. I love it so much ♡

Sometimes it is enough to bear witness to these little miracles.

It’s getting a repost today because the roads are beginning to open in the park. We have not yet come safely through this pandemic but we cannot stay hidden in the dense clouds forever. We must make our way slowly upward and outward.

Stay safe everyone. Keep a safe distance and please wear a mask to protect yourself and others when you’re unable to safely keep a safe space.

Now all we need is the sunshine !

3 Comments on “Sunrise Sunday

    • Thanks Gretchen. I happen to know you love civil twilight as much as I do. Wasn’t the world beautiful that September day ?

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