Going on Faith

I spent the day yesterday intent on clearing my mind. It has been a loud, angry assault on the senses lately and I needed some quiet.

Mt St Helens always feels more remote to me. It’s a good choice for getting my courage up for my summer solo hiking. West Boundary trail is 10 miles roundtrip with a healthy elevation gain. There are many opportunities here to face my fears as I climb. Many.

Driving through the Toledo valley it is socked in. My drive to get here is 2.5 hours and often it means going on faith. Mountains can be fickle when it comes to weather, often creating their own. As I drove, I climbed in elevation until I broke through the clouds to a beautiful blue sky day.

Facing fears and going on faith. It’s going to be a really good day. Come walk with me …

3 Comments on “Going on Faith

    • I described it a bit more on my WTA trip report. It is certainly doable at the pace I do it. S L O W. But, yes, it has further eroded and it’s still scary. Especially on the return trip. I’m fried today. It’s beautiful but a heckuva workout. 

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