Notes to Self

One of the writing prompts that hit my inbox this week was to write yourself a letter. Give yourself a little love. Remind yourself of all the things you need to hear on a regular basis. Do your own “check-in” and share how you’re feeling. Maybe we are the only ones who really know what those little encouragements look like. Waiting for them from others may leave us frustrated and resentful and who needs that ?
I think we should take this a step further. Write that letter to yourself every week and save it. I love how creatively my friends have been marking this time (mostly) sheltered in place. I’ve seen it in daily photographs, drawings and song. I’ve read it in journal snippets and longer posts. I saw someone doing a daily selfie.
I have an album of Quarantine Art consisting of a daily entry on a roll of TP (a drawing, not actual TP). I didn’t begin it until April 16th, but it has helped me boil down the feelings I’m having to just a few lines. It started as a fun thing and has become rather therapeutic as we move through these official and unofficial phases of reopening.
As the world begins to unfold, I hope you are clear in your own mind about how to keep yourself safe. Not everyone is going to experience the same level of comfort and I think it’s important to have some framework of personal safety to operate from. I know that from a health standpoint I remain more vulnerable than others so I will likely continue to hike alone (no groups) and will continue to wear a mask and keep my distance from others. I hope those others will find a way to be respectful of me, as well.
Write those letters !
Continue to mark your time with creativity.
In a few months I imagine many will be missing the slower pace we enjoy now. We might look back on these few months as an opportunity to have rested our bodies and hit the big emotional reset button too. I already miss the early weeks where we seemed to rally together to make the most of a very public health crisis. It has since devolved into the divisions that seem to be a signature of these very frightening times.
Lift each other up.
Lift yourself up !
Self-talk and self-care are valuable things to have in your virtual emergency kit. Buckle up and hang on… it’s likely to continue to be a wild ride for all of us. Pack your patience and try to be respectful of those around you. We’re better when we care for each other. And kindness won’t cost you a dime.
Be well.
Stay safe.

4 Comments on “Notes to Self

  1. I miss the early days too, when we felt “in it together,” before the outrage started. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered who was in the leadership role, but all my own anger is in that bucket. Love the TP journal.

    • Me too, Gretchen. In fact, that bucket runneth over. Glad you like the TP art. I really love doing them.

  2. Or… you could write a letter to someone who may not know what you need or want right now… with a better chance of having your needs met… self care doesnt have to end with ‘self’…*

    • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t mean for this to sound like I’m advocating for a replacement to reaching out. No, I just think it’s important to remember that we can be there for ourselves too. We have a rather extraordinary power to comfort and we should spread that around like the magic it is. My heart is with you right now. I know this has been a very difficult time ♡ *

      “Don’t forget to love yourself”

      Søren Kierkegaard

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