Neither Rain …


Color has once again drained from the sky and with only a few fleeting moments of blue, this palette is grey on grey on more grey. It’s always a challenge to know how best to stay connected to the earth in these months. My RA hates the cold, damp weather but I just can’t imagine not being outside. This year at least, I have choices. 


My friend of over four decades joined me today for a brisk (haha) walk on the boardwalk at Nisqually. Even as nature pounded the weathered wooden walkway it was easy to see the magic out there. 


A peek of blue …

 A Blue Heron gobbling a vole …

A certain rustic charm on the handrails …




Exposed as we were, the wind felt explosive. The rain comes down like little spikes and it stings any skin not sheltered. It makes you feel alive in a way nothing else can. Well, maybe one thing, but you get my point. We leaned in … it was glorious. We ventured out to the point of the boardwalk closure. Our walk back was right into the wind and rain. I honestly couldn’t feel my face. To keep us going, we thought only of a warm car, heated seats and a big burger somewhere ! 


Lunch was on Ruston Way at Stack 571. We leaned into that, too. It might have been the best burger I’ve ever had. Ever. Anywhere. 


I’ve got to keep my body active over these winter months so that I’m ready when spring finally arrives. I’ve been eagerly awaiting my return to Mt Rainier and daydreaming of where I’ll go this year. I have begun to compile my list. What should I add ? Any ideas ? Unlike other years I can spread my wings much further. Pearl and I are ready for adventure. The Oregon coast should figure prominently and the North Cascades, too. My world has gotten smaller and larger at the same time. I love stuff like that. 


I’m struggling to keep good function in my hands. My finger and wrist joints are so swollen some days I can’t do much at all. Like it or not, I may be headed back to the doctor. (I can walk though !) Made a few cards this week before my hands balked. Sold them all too. If you’re interested, as I hope you are, you know where to find me. Onward through the cold, grey days of winter. Could there really be snow in our near future ? 


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