Memory Monday


I remember where I was 31 years ago. I remember all of it. The waxing gibbous moon, the broken clouds and the crackle of fluorescents. I was all set to sleep in that awkward recliner in my grandmother’s room at the hospital that night. We had been taking turns staying with her so she was never alone. Just before midnight she left that ravaged body and drifted to the angels. I held her hand. I felt her leave.


In the book I plan on writing, this is where my story begins. I will write much more about this night, but for now, this memory is burned into my heart on this somber anniversary. I miss you, Ma 💞

4 Comments on “Memory Monday

  1. Beautiful. Memories are a lovely thing. Memoir makes sure the memory goes on, even after living memory is gone. Write the book. Write down the story.

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