A really beautiful drive this morning to Paradise. Civil twilight in Ashford was stunning. I don’t always expect it on that side of Mt Rainier, but it was a lovely surprise.

Narada Falls is always a great side-trip. In a few weeks it will be mostly frozen and it is a sight to see !

My mountain taught me two things today :

First, that replacing my exercise and social time isn’t going to be impossible. It is always available, and mostly, people are engaging out in the wild places. I met several folks today. This mother-daughter team was a delight. Sorry I didn’t get your names, but I did get your photo !


I also met and visited with this awesome young man. Karthik. So happy you stopped for a few moments to chat and I hope you made it safely around the mountain.


The mountain also made me realize that as big and glorious as it is to be there, seeing it rise up above Orting after I step away and am driving home, is really incredibly special too. We never really leave a place we love ♡

Here was the rest of my day at Paradise: Lots of snow and ice on both the Golden Gate and Skyline trails, but very manageable for me with microspikes. I attempted Paradise Glacier trail, but the snow got deep and the trail all but vanished after a few hundred feet. Next time, for sure.  Beautiful blue sky day !


Even the drive down in the early afternoon was perfect. I could drive this road, carved through the forest every day and never tire of it. That light through the trees is special all by itself.


2 Comments on “Decompression

  1. Beautiful. I’m impressed you have micro-spikes. I have no desire to go on winter adventures. Haha. None. I’m such a nester this time of year.

    • It is funny that you say that because I actually thought of you up there and how you would love the profound, beautiful silence of it all. It’s like all the best of Paradise wrapped in a soft, cozy blanket.

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