Still Chasing Fall

Autumn at Mount Rainier hasn’t really materialized. I chased the sun this morning to Reflection Lake and then headed up to Pinnacle Peak saddle and attempted Plummer Peak. Needed my microspikes halfway up the trail (a challenging place to put them on …)  Saw a teensy bit of fall and then full-on gorgeous winter. Man, I love days like this. Church. My Sunday ritual.

Enjoy !

The last photos are from the county park in Ashford. I love that place and usually walk the wetland loop before I finish my drive home. Highly recommend this lovely diversion.

(Oh, and if you know who belongs to the paw prints I was following, please share. )



6 Comments on “Still Chasing Fall

  1. All the photos are amazing! I would be nervous walking that one trail right on the side of the hill. Love the up-the-trunk shot!

    • Thanks for stopping in 😊 That trail is really stunning any time of year. I would say it is less intimidating when you have boots on it as opposed to just seeing the photos. A section I traversed across a ridge area covered in snow was a bit nerve-wracking, but it’s all so beautiful I prefer to let myself get caught up in that !

  2. As always, you’ve captured some gorgeous photos of our amazing state!

  3. More beautiful photos and great writing, thanks for always sharing! Claws are out in the prints so not a feline (their claws are retracted when they walk). Nice find!

    • Thanks ♡ Coyote, fox, wolf ? As I made my way toward Plummer Peak boot tracks ended and only these remained. Not giant, so I wasn’t too worried, but “someone” was out there !🦊🐺🐱

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