What The Light Teaches


Every single time I make this drive I am in awe. This morning it was the moon on the big stage. The crescent hung bright against the full outline of the dark moon behind it. Stunning. I don’t have a camera to capture it. You’ll have to trust me on this one.


I keep trying to make it to the top of Dege Peak by sunrise but I can’t seem to get my timing right. This morning I was loving that moon at civil twilight so much I lost track of the time. Next time. Or not.

The journey is the reward. Always.

I met a lovely human named Megan at the top and visited awhile in the circle of stones that make up this peak. We compared notes and I now have a few new places to visit before summer’s end. A bonus to a really lovely morning.

Here was the rest of my day.


Came home to this beautiful creature and let him take me for a good walk at the park.


Another good day to be alive. The light continues to teach me. Today the lesson was patience.  The more I observe, the more I see, the more I see, the more I learn.


4 Comments on “What The Light Teaches

    • Thanks for reading, Don. I hope you found my “Love Letter” post. It’s long and full of photos and heart. So happy to be retired !


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