Love List 2.0

Another really hard 24 hours on my body. Sometimes it scares me with the intensity of it. It leaves me incredibly unsteady when some necessary part is failing to function (a hand this time).  There is no good reason, nothing I could have done differently, so I’m not distracted by directing my frustration anywhere. It is what it is. This is what it means to live with RA. There will be good days and bad days. Today is a bad one.
These are the times it’s easy to get discouraged, so I’m adding to the love list I composed exactly a year ago. I’m grateful for so many things and some days I need to write it down. When was the last time YOU wrote a love list ?
Gratitude for the big and small.
Here’s my list for today:

Fire that comes from a match

Things that flicker


Old-fashioned ice bags

Night sounds

Himalayan salt lamps

French onion soup



An honest tired

Taking photos

Thin-crust pizza

Rustling leaves


Love songs

Bad jokes

All five of my pillows

Listening to someone read

Turmeric soap by Tracy

Glacial water on my feet



Gentle touches

Honest sharing that makes you cry

Beautiful writers

Pasque flower seedheads

Driving with my windows down

Black licorice anything

A surprise in the mail

Long drives

Relief from pain in whatever form it takes.

Cream puffs filled with pastry cream

Hot fudge sundaes

Warm smiles


Really good dreams

My lucky teal underwear

My favorite hoodie


Giving gifts

Knowing the names of people I see often that might otherwise remain invisible

That look or smile with someone as you share a thought or revelation

A heart that believes in the best in people and eyes that see it

Real hugs


Reflecting light

My imaginary life and my real one.

The moment people show me who they are

Four quarters in my pocket

The hour before dawn

A really good pen




Love. All of it



You know I'd love to hear from you !

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