Chain Lakes Photo Log

I have done most of my hiking in the southern part of the state. My mountains, Rainier and St Helens, my two loves. Yesterday I ventured north to hike with a friend at a couple new mountains. Shuksan and Baker (Koma Kulshan) stole my heart. Here was my day in photos.



5 Comments on “Chain Lakes Photo Log

  1. I remember loving this hike in the fall! I’ve never been in that area during summer. This is great inspiration to get up there soon!

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  2. Ah, lucky you! I camped there in 2014 and hiked to High Divide, and other places. It was glorious. I haven’t gotten back. I remember that hike as extremely tough. I’m in better shape now, I want to do it again and see if I still huff and puff like I did then! Gorgeous photos, as always.

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      • Either way you choose to do this loop is steep and exposed, but man, is it beautiful ! We were on the trail for hours and even dipped our feet in Iceberg Lake. It was a good one (for me) to take slowly. Why have I never hiked up here ? Lucky you, camping up this way. I will be back for sure. Also fell in love with bustling, artsy Fairhaven. It might be an awesome place to retire to !


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