Grace and Light


What A Difference A Day Makes


Eight days ago I ventured into the charred woods that make up the first third or so of the Noble Knob trail. It’s been a favorite trail of mine since I first hiked there nearly ten years ago. Eight days ago it was cloudy and misty, but eerily beautiful in the trees. It occurred to me I have never been on this trail on a clear day.
I had worried that it would be a desolate place after the Norse Peak wildfire raged through here in 2017. But what I witnessed was a rebirth that defied description. If snow brings a silence, this mist and fog left a hush. A sleepy kind of hushed softness to everything.
This morning I ventured back with a friend. His wife, and my friend, Jen passed away unexpectedly last Thanksgiving. Today she would have celebrated her 53rd birthday. We ventured to the top of Noble Knob and shared memories, cupcakes and muffins. It was a day to hold her in spirit and quiet reflection. And what a beautiful day it was …
Today wanted to be noticed. Deep blue skies, bright light through the burned, coiled limbs of trees and Her Majesty in all her glory !
Mount Rainier is looking down upon you as you walk the soft, then rocky, path. I had no idea how beautiful the view was. The wildflowers are still bursting and the contrast of deep blue sky and silver forest was stunning .
Happy Birthday, Jen ♡
Come walk with us …
( We climbed this taller peak too. A scramble to the top. It was a proud moment for me. Every time I hike with Doug I learn something new or experience something new. Today it was both. (I will name this peak in an edit once I figure out what it is ! )