Like a Phoenix …

A soft walk on pine needles and ash gave my heart such a rush today. My favorite trail, my best friend and a day of adventure.

In 2017 this trail was on fire. The Norse Peak Wilderness burned for weeks. This trail closed for months after. Today we returned.

I thought it would be heartbreaking to witness the damage. I was prepared to have tears, but they didn’t come. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Life is returning and there is only joy. Imagine that … hope, joy and a return to beauty after devastation. There’s a huge message here. Are you getting it ?

The trail is in great shape, although the weather today was dismal. The pine needles and ash can be slick and the steep parts, after the burn area, are also slippery.  Easy does it. The wildflowers are exploding and really stunning right now.

We had a wrong turn on the trail, but it took us to an even more beautiful spot. We took a wrong turn driving on our way back down to HWY 410 … but it got us laughing like kids and I remembered all the good times in these Greenwater places … and my heart is full. Thanks for a great day, Laura .



44 years and counting ♡

2 Comments on “Like a Phoenix …

  1. There is something about the fog and mist here that accentuates both the grief and the joyous return. It will be interesting to see it in sunlight. Beautiful photographs.

    • Thank you for this. Yes, it does hold so much within that sacred place. I was surprised that it was more joy than sadness as I walked this familiar path. I’ll look forward to seeing it in the shifting light of the sun too. Church ♡

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