Falling in Love

My Sunday morning was stunning !

Sourdough Ridge and the Silver Forest trail at Sunrise. I’m nursing a bad foot and these are both great for all ability levels. Wildflowers will pop in the next 10 days. Go early ! I saw no one on Silver Forest trail in two hours of poking around waiting for the clouds to clear. And I saw 65, yes 65, cars waiting in a line at the entrance at 9:50 am with dozens more behind them.

(Please feel free to comment if you can name any of the flowers.) Thanks, as always, for following me here ♡20190714_11152320190714_11155320190714_11160420190714_11364220190714_11355520190714_11381320190714_11361420190714_11335420190714_11262520190714_11250220190714_11175920190714_11254920190714_11362820190714_11350120190714_11384520190714_11400720190714_11392520190714_11420020190714_11434120190714_11491820190714_11553720190714_11570820190714_11574420190714_09220820190714_11403820190714_11410920190714_11412320190714_11421320190714_11422620190714_11435120190714_11431720190714_11490720190714_11442720190714_11441820190714_11504420190714_11495820190714_11443920190714_11452720190714_11451820190714_11521120190714_11461320190714_11465120190714_11463920190714_115810

5 Comments on “Falling in Love

  1. The redish orange ones are Indian paintbrush! One of my favorite wildflowers. I don’t know any of the others though.

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