Land of the Captive ; Held by the Cowardly


I’m thinking about soccer today, and where I want to explore this weekend. I had a third cup of coffee and irresponsibly ran the water while I brushed and flossed. I had a donut and felt the pure privilege of complaining about my drive and my job.

Even at 57 years old I still look forward to calling my Mom on my drive home and getting her “goodnight” text (full of emojis) every single night before bed. Because family, chosen or otherwise, is everything.

I am mortified by what is happening to children on our border. Land of the free and home of the brave ? More like “land of the captive, held by the cowardly”.


Do what you can. Do what you’re able. This is not who we are. Quit letting the angry white guy define us. Our hearts are bigger, our values are better than that. Shame on those who have supported or allowed such atrocities. We will not forget.

These aren’t “illegals”.

These are children.

And ALL children are OUR children.


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