Where I’m From

A friend recently shared her poem written in a writing circle she facilitates. You can read her post here. I was intrigued and decided to write my own. I love this as a vehicle for memory.

I encourage you to write one of your own and I’d love it if you would share it here.

Here is mine :


And here is my wildly incomplete postal version :

I am from Trivia Fridays with Andy, MaryAnn and Danny; staying on high-alert for Doug at the back of my mail truck; shootin’ the breeze at the “gin joint”; daily heart check-ins with Lesley & Deb; baseball talk at Madrona; Hawk Talk with Pat & CR; $5 bets with Denise; snuggles and treats with Bailey ( and visits with Mom/Kelly); “Texts From the Dog” with Gentry; life lessons with Alexie ( and now I’ll finally get time to read Foucault’s Pendulum), Thai food at Thai Kitchen; the sweetest memory of Lisa, and “ Luba Luba Luba” ❤.

I am from Mickey’s yellow tennis ball, afternoons with Walter and Wendy, happy screams of delight when I pulled up to the preschool, the Kebely kids growing up and having their own kids, Tom at the mailbox, Anne and Kitty, Darren and Bear, Samantha and Jeremy … and Shane.

I am from my friends at Steve’s Bar, Melanie and Sarah musings, Todd’s daily sitcom and Catherine 💞. I am from Julie and Jill and squirrels and giraffes. I am from Dove chocolates and delicious morning sunrises. I am from Bel Red Rd and 148th and NE 20th. I am from wild turkeys on 16th, bright blue skies and Crossroads Park for early walks.

I am from ARCO Jeff and “the golf gang”, all the happy faces at Pho Tai and Little Garden. I am from Swagath and Peking and Oskoo and Deeva. I am from Brian’s rousing rendition of Tarzan’s yell, and I am from Tanya and Kim and MaryAnn. I am from itty-bitty parking lot roses, green curry, jasmine and everyone at MonGa. I am from Kari and Brenda, Dawn and Jim, Gaye and Dennis 💞

I am from three decades of kindness, icy sidewalks, brilliant leaves and Smacha Tea. I am from paint chips and ginseng and chiropractic adjustments that felt more like attitude adjustments. I am from Rich’s and fig trees and rosemary. I am from Kawasaki to Harley to Tesla. I am from pressed shirts and the hardest working couple I have ever known at Five Star. I am from Saltwater Fish, the Boyd’s and Myanh.

I am from Rick and Shauna, Bob and Jeanne and Dr Mac. I am from Bill and Bob, Renee and Irina and Amy. I am from Patrick and Anita and I am from George and Dorothy ❤

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  2. This is fabulous! Well done! I’m so glad you enjoyed the exercise. One could write a thousand of them! And thank you for the shout out to my post too. Also, very nice photo presentation. 🙂

    • Thank you. I agree that there is so much possibility with this beautiful exercise. So glad you shared it !

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