Life’s A Beach


No way to explain the flood of memory that washed over me this morning. Saltwater Park was the playground of my youth. So many memories of the beach and the hillside and even the road (most I can’t share ). But maybe the thing that made me the most unsteady was being so aware of those who are no longer with us. Barb and Lisa, you were with me today in spirit. Man, those were the days, huh ?

Yoda loved it. He met a Goldendoodle puppy, hopped logs, chased squirrels and got his nose into everything. I found a new spot for sunsets and a new quiet place to write on warm, weekday mornings.

After exploring Saltwater Park we drove to Des Moines Beach Park and wandered among ducks and geese. Pretty good morning off. It’s starting to feel like spring and I have some time off scheduled for the first part of April. God, I am so ready …


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  1. Beautiful pics! just a little north of Des Moines is Marine View park, its a peaceful beach and a nice walk down!

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