Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I was aware that if I lay on the side of my “good ear” I could hear the valve chambers of my heart opening and closing in a steady rhythm. Every pump of that miraculous organ beating loudly in my ear like it was just beneath my pillow. Delicate and strong.


Friday wasn’t an easy day. I went to be with an older friend of mine as she had to say goodbye to her sweet dog, Misty.


Our hearts do such amazing things. Listening to my own makes me keenly aware of the fragile nature of things. I listened to the drumming of Misty’s heart and held her paw as the breathing slowed and that pumping ceased.


I believe that the last thing she knew was love and touch. Could she hear my whispers as she passed peacefully to the “next” ? I’ll probably never know. But if it happens that way, if we take this loving kindness with us as we travel that bridge, I’ll feel good in my heart knowing she had a shield of gratitude and a cape of love as she drifted silently from us through memory and light into whatever lies waiting on the other side.

Rest in love, Misty.


Thank you for being such a fine protector, companion and friend. We will never forget you ♡