Catching My Breath


This crow caught my eye yesterday as I walked my daily mail route. I watched him, watching me, as he sized me up and inched closer to me to grab a piece of “god-knows-what” from the pavement.
We had a moment. Both of us coexisting in the same frame of time, doing what we do.

December is well underway and my time is feeling like a valuable commodity. Right up until the 22nd there will be cards to make, cards to mail, gifts to wrap, people to visit and feelings to tuck away for a later date. There may be some too big for this vessel to contain, but I will honor all of them as they come in waves, over and over, spilling into both my waking world and dreams alike.

The other night as I was desperately trying to fall asleep I was struck by the emergence of images in my mind. I would close my eyes and random soft images would come into crystal clear focus. It was unnerving at first, as though it was the beginning of a slow life review. Then I relaxed into the treat of this beautiful imagery and fell into a deep sleep.
I still feel like I am weeks behind on sleep, but any restful moments are cause for celebration. I am doing the best I can, moment to moment, and that is enough.
I am enough.
There are others this year having tender, thoughtful moments in their own lives. Remembrance is a tricky thing. I hope all of you are finding the joy somehow and remembering all the best moments. We all do the best we can and it is always enough.
We are enough.
I am keeping all of your hearts
in my heart ♡
Love. Care. Kindness. Attention.
Holding it all as gently as I can.

You know I'd love to hear from you !

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